Empowering Executives to Unify Teams and Data to Drive Efficiency and Eliminate Waste

71% of your managers are not fully aligned with your vision. Do you think there's any chance that you're going to hit your targets this year? Or next? Of course not.

If your teams and your data aren’t aligned, your organization isn’t going to hit your targets.

Branding won’t fix it, neither will expensive technology, or the best talent. What do you?

We empower executives to align their managers and teams to a cohesive and holistic business strategy, and how to implement and align their data systems.

Through extensive research, we found that leadership and management are often not aligned, and neither are data systems. Focusing on one or the other doesn’t solve the problem.

What is needed is a unifying approach.

ProblemScapes is a 6 week workshop, and is the most effective and rapid way to unify.

Step 1: Assess

If your teams can’t agree to the positions on the chessboard, how can they work effectively together? They can’t. We need to understand the various perspectives and map their similarities and differences. They key here is that it needs to align to a data model.

Step 2: Align

Now that we understand the various perspectives on key problems, we can align managers and leaders to the most valuable set of problems to solve and why. We can clearly see the problem landscape and how to navigate through it to drive business value creation.

Step 3: Accelerate

In order to truly accelerate, we need a quick way to implement the aligned business strategy into our data systems.

Data mastery is about learning principles of intelligence to design high-performance systems.

  • Data Compression to reduce data transfer and storage costs, eliminate waste, enhance speeds
  • Data Experience Design to eliminate wasted time, get quicker insights, more effective interpretations, and become more data driven
  • JSON Schema to centralizes data validation rules, promotes consistent data structures, and enhances communication among teams